What is SFS in construction?


What is SFS in construction?

SFS in construction stands for steel framing system. SFS construction creates frames which support infill walls and facades. It’s a highly sophisticated engineering solution, comprising precision engineered rolled steel components to provide a structural frame for the exterior of a building. 

Steel framing systems can be used both for load-bearing and non-load-bearing applications in construction projects, including external walls, continuous walling construction, as well as lightweight dividing walls in building interiors.

Steel Framing Systems

SFS construction will often incorporate insulation provision, vapour barriers and breather membranes. Steel framing systems can be finished with a variety of additional products including Cembrit, Trespa, Rainscreen Panels or Cement Particle board. Metsec and SFS construction can be applied to a variety of different building types, making it a versatile construction option. 

Our customers and clients find it offers wider choice at the design stages of a construction project. The cold rolled steel of steel framing systems offers a flexible engineering solution. Designers and engineers can work in a variety of infill materials to their designs. 

SFS construction can be applied to both a concrete and a steel structural frame, giving a lightweight and durable options for both types of building. A steel framing system is comparatively straightforward to assemble once delivered to the construction site. 

Ongoing maintenance is minimal compared to other types of structural frame. Being both lightweight and durable make the most low maintenance and resilient methods of construction for a new building.