Advantages of Curtain Walling


Curtain walling is one of your options for finishing off the exterior of your building – but is it the best? As experienced curtain wall contractors, we will explain what curtain walling is, and its key advantages.

What is curtain walling?

Curtain walls are non-structural panels, often made from glazed panels with materials such as aluminium providing the framework to hold them in place. They wrap around the exterior of a building, protecting it without being a load-bearing element of construction. 

Weather protection

Building curtain walls is an effective way to protect the building from all types of weather conditions. The glazed curtain may be lightweight but is also durable, effectively protecting the structure from air and water.

Energy efficiency

A curtain walling system can dramatically improve the thermal efficiency of a building. The use of materials such as toughened glass and lightweight aluminium allows natural light to enter, providing natural warmth as well. This can reduce the need for artificial lighting and heating, reducing energy consumption and making the building more energy efficient. 

Reducing building sway 

Although a curtain walling system is a non-structural building envelope, it can enhance structural stability overall by reducing building sway. By dispersing kinetic force, curtain walls even out any stress exerted on the building. Anything which reduces building sway is a good choice for tall buildings, making them safer and more comfortable for occupants and visitors.

Fire safety

Building curtain walls can also help protect the building from the effects of fire. A curtain walling system helps to slow the spread of fire by preventing it spreading across the surface of buildings. This is another benefit which curtain walls bring to taller buildings, helping to prevent the spread of fire upwards between floors.

Lightweight and durable

Curtain walling systems use materials such as aluminium as the support for the glazed walls. Aluminium is known as a light and durable construction material. This helps to reduce the weight of the building, meaning its foundations have less weight to support. This can help reduce the costs of construction, as foundations can be the most expensive parts of a build.

Allows natural light inside

Allowing natural light inside is not only pleasant for occupants and users of a building, it is cost effective, reducing use of heating and lighting systems. Depending on the climate or time of year, this could potentially be one of the disadvantages of curtain walling. Natural light may make the building too light or warm, however curtains and blinds, and dark colours in decor can easily be used to adjust light levels and maintain comfort. 

Aesthetically pleasing

Glazed curtain walls are often the norm in big cities. Together with materials such as aluminium, they create a sleek and polished look which conveys style, a sense of luxury, and a clean and timeless look.