The Advantages of Glass Partitions


What is a Glass Partition?

When it comes to interior design, glass has number of properties which make it a highly valued material. Not only is it low cost, but it’s durable, transparent and can be used to close off area without restricting the use of natural light. 

Glass partition are internal glass walls which are use to define or close off space. They can be used to differentiate between areas without it feeling completely shut off. Glazed partitions are a common feature in commercial spaces like offices and public buildings.

As part of our internal fit-outs, Lynco specialise in the design and creation of glass partitions NI. We can guarantee that all of our partitioning systems are high quality and constructed from toughened glass. And, from design and supply to installation, we work only with leading industry specialists such as British Gypsum, Siniat and Knauf.

The Advantages of Glass Partitions

They’re Transformable

One of the most important benefits of glass partitions is that they’re full transformable. Portable glass partition walls can be moved enabling you to create a new layout for your office space – meaning that an area of cubicles can be transformed into an open-plan work space or separate meeting rooms with ease. 

In addition, similar to open-plan offices, glass partitions can even work to increase productivity within the workplace. The visibility of glass walls means that everyone can still have their own space – whilst creating a roomy and less imposing environment.

Aesthetically Pleasing 

Whatever space or layout you have in your buildings, glass partitions can add a layer of modern sophistication and style to  your office interiors. Making them much more aesthetically pleasing to workers and clients. 

As glass partition contractors we can offer our clients a range of unique layouts to keep in style with modern design principles and trends. And as we mentioned above, unlike traditional partitions – glass panels are interchangeable. So, if you wish to reconfigure you space without extra costs, glass partitions are the ideal choice. 

 ‘Make the Most of Natural Light’

Another advantage of glass partitions is their use of natural light. Both portable and fixed glass panels will allow natural sunlight to fill the room and reach even the gloomiest of corners. Spaces with plenty of natural light are known to increase productivity for workers and even create happier employees – so it’s a win-win situation.

With correctly installed glass partitions you can also look forward to cutting down on the use of artificial lighting. This is turn will cut down on your electric bills and save you money across the board. So not only are they energy efficient, but glazed partitions could make all the difference to long-term profitability. 


At Lynco, we’re one of the top installers of glass partitions Northern Ireland, and we recommend them as a budget friendly option to transform interior spaces. Glass panels are a very effective way to change the appearance of a space at low cost. Not to mention glass is a readily available and a cost effective material.  

Glass office partitions are also easy to both install and take down, which cuts down considerably on building costs. They can also be installed without the use of specialist tools or the need to close your building for a lengthy period of time. 

Improved Acoustics

One drawback of large open spaces offices can often be the noise. With a large number of people sharing the same space, volume can become both a problem and distraction. Glass partitions can cut down on noise pollution without compromising the look and feel of an open-plan space.