The Benefits of Facades


What is Facade Design?

Facade design refers to the exterior of a building, usually the front.  It plays an important role in dictating the overall personality of a building, and gives the facade contractor the unique chance to add character. A building’s facade or ‘envelope’ can come in many shapes, sizes and can be constructed from a range of traditional building standards. 

Building facades remain one of the most important elements for a building’s functionality. Yes it’s a component that helps to define a building’s architectural aesthetic – but it also plays a crucial role in energy performance, protection against the elements and interior function of the building. As facade design advances, more options for improvements become available.

With each element geared towards advancing building performance. 

Facades Northern Ireland

At Lynco we specialise in facades NI and have over 30 years experience in servicing the construction industry. Our facade contractors can design, value and engineer both the building envelope and any internal fit-outs required. All in accordance with our client’s design ideas and specification requirements. 

We like to think that first impressions count, and your building facade is the first thing people will see. So not only should your facade look good, but it should be tailored to reflect your brand. At Lynco we understand how important it is to get this right.

This, accompanied by our ‘hands on’ management approach means we can provide a high standard of rigorous quality control. And in collaboration with expert consultants, can deliver a range of quality facade services, such as: 

  • Project specific Roofing Systems
  • Aesthetically considered Glazing solutions
  • Supply and fit of the lates SFS/Metsec framing systems
  • Diverse Cladding solutions that bring life to building exteriors

The Benefits of Facades

High Energy Performance 

When it comes to a building’s construction, energy efficiency is such an important factor – and environmental impact is a key consideration of any project. A well structured facade will make the very most of the natural light and ventilation where needed. And a range of traditional building materials can be used to your advantage. 

With glass facades, natural light is able to brighten up buildings meaning there’s less use for artificial lighting. Special developments in glass materials also mean that your facade can both regulate and cool a building’s interior. Overall, saving you money on both your heating and electric bills. 

Strength & Durability

Another benefit of facades is the strength and durability that they add to building. At Lynco, our facades NI can withstand harsh winds and rain without causing any damage to the exterior.  They can also add a layer of protection against the sun. 

This means that the facade will retain its integrity and appearance for much longer than traditional building materials. A well built facade should provide you with protection from temperature, harsh weathering, and even corrosion, for decades to come.


In addition to lowering your heating and electric bills, facades can also prove cost effective in their construction. This is all down to the wide range of materials you can choose from. 

Aesthetic Appeal

As we mentioned earlier, facades are a chance to add unique style and character to a building.  A facade can transform a variety of properties and can be used to make a strong statement. Whether it’s sleek, modern, traditional or a more sophisticated appearance – Lynco facade contractors are highly experienced in the creation of unique facade designs.

Noise Reducing

The final benefit of building facades is the reduction in noise pollution they can provide.

External noises such a construction, traffic, rail or aircraft can easily be kept out with sound proofing boards. Perfect for offices and workspaces, this noise control can make your building more enjoyable and relaxing.