What is the importance of building facade in architecture?


Building facades are essentially the ‘outer layer’ or the frontage to a building. Facade contractors take many things into consideration when creating a facade design. Building facades play an important role, not only to the building itself, but its surroundings, its occupants and even the environment as a whole. 

Aesthetics and identity

A good façade needs to look good, that much is true. But how do we define good facade design? There is a huge range of materials available that have the potential to communicate a message about the building and its owners. 

Mirrors could help the building blend in with its surroundings, showing a sense of respect to its neighbours. Glass building facades are transparent – seeing into a building may help people trust that its owners are honest and open. Natural stone can convey strength and durability.

Facade contractors will make sure a facade design brief covers more than what simply looks good. Standard designs will also incorporate public perception of the structure. 

Protects the building’s structure and interior

Good façade design has an important role in supporting the building and helping it comply with structural regulations. Although building facades are non-structural, a well made building facade can help protect building structures against the forces of extreme weather, such as strong winds.  

Insulating – energy efficiency and acoustics

Facade contractors know that building facades play an important role in energy efficiency for new buildings. One of the key ways is through prevention of solar gain, which is the way buildings become overheated due to the heat from sunlight. 

Even a glazed curtain wall can be very effective at reducing the heat and light penetrating the interior of the building. It also provides an insulating effect, which not only keeps unwanted outside noise from disturbing the occupants or users of the building, but helps to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency of the building as a whole. 


The natural ventilation which a curtain wall building facade offers is another way it helps to regulate the temperature and humidity within the building. Facade contractors will be able to advise at the facade design stage as to which facade materials and designs will be the best for providing the level of ventilation comfort required.