Understanding Commercial Glazing


Commercial glazing is the process of installing window glazing to a property owned by a business or organisation. Commercial properties are usually much larger than domestic properties, meaning they need to be project managed. A glazing contractor with knowledge and experience of commercial glazing will be needed. 

However, even small shopfronts need to source their glazing service from a contractor with specialised experience. 

Glazing Contractor

A commercial glazing contractor will have the knowledge, skills and specialist equipment needed to install high quality commercial glazing within the health and safety rules and regulations that govern a commercial building.

Many if not most domestic properties have window and door glazing that is at least double glazed. In commercial properties however, double glazing and triple glazing is much more commonly seen. 

Glass Installation

Glass installation is the most popular and highly recommended material for commercial glazing systems, however plexiglass (or plastic glazing) is a cheaper available alternative. 

For large buildings, a curtain walling glazing service may be the most effective option for a glazing project. Curtain walling involves the installation of a framed structure on the building exterior, which will usually have glass and glazed panels contained within aluminium frames, which are lightweight yet strong and durable. 

You will need this scale of glazing project managed by a commercial glazing contractor who can demonstrate that they are also curtain wall glazing specialists. It is important to remember that in the case of break in or damage to your glazing, you may require emergency glazing to secure your property at short notice. Ensure your contractor can either provide emergency glazing, or give you the details of a recommended contractor.