The Role Of Glazing In Modern Construction


Although glazing may have two basic functions, letting in light and acting as a barrier, it is a magical material that plays a big role in modern construction.

From homes and offices to shops and commercial spaces, it has loads of different uses and can change the entire look and function of a building.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at how glazing is used in modern design, as well as why it has become such a popular and integral part of modern construction.

5 different roles of glazing

There are several key ways in which glazing is used in construction and modern buildings, and we’re now going to look at these in more detail.

Window panes

Let’s start with the obvious. Glass is most commonly recognised in construction as windows. These panes, no matter how big or small are used to let in light, create beautiful views, keep the weather out and insulate a building.

That’s a pretty big role to play in creating a functional and comfortable space. These panes of glass can vary in size, shape and thickness and the most appropriate panes must be chosen during the planning and construction phase.

Glass doors

Following on from this, glass doors are also a common use of glazing in properties, whether a home or commercial property. This material can be used for interior and exterior doors and many modern designs use tempered or energy-efficient glass panels.

These can once again be customised to match the style and space, they can be clear or opaque and can make an impact in a number of different rooms.

Glass roofing

Glass roofs have grown in popularity over the last decade or so and strong, impactful glazing solutions must be used. This style of roofing allows you to flood a room with light and can be the perfect way to change the aesthetics of a property inside and out.

Glass curtain walls

Another way in which glass is increasingly being used in modern construction is as a glass curtain wall. This is a non-structural wall that is added to the outside of a building to protect occupants.

Glass is often used as it’s lightweight and these walls are not load bearing, therefore, it can be a great way to cut costs, as well as letting in far more natural light. Not only this, but aesthetically, it can help the building look great from both inside and out.

Glass partitions

Finally, glass partitions can play an important role in all manner of buildings. From shower screens to office cubicles, this is a great way to let light fill a space and create an aesthetically pleasing property.

These glazing solutions are simple and effective, which is perhaps why these glass partitions are growing in popularity, overtaking traditional drywall installations in many cases.

Why glazing is so important and beneficial to modern architecture

We’ve looked at some of the applications of glazing in buildings, but why have these become so integral to modern construction? Well, it’s because glazing has a number of key benefits that improve modern architecture and make life easier (and better) for the inhabitants.

We’ve already discussed the aesthetics and how it can transform the look and feel of a property, but here are some of the other reasons it’s used in construction:

  • Glass is recyclable and in a world where people are becoming increasingly conscious about their impact on the planet, this has become more important
  • By allowing more light in, glazing solutions not only make a space look bigger and better, but are also beneficial to the well-being of the inhabitants
  • What’s more, natural light can help to heat a room and lower electricity bills. Again, this is hugely important in today’s world where people are beginning to feel the pinch and are more conscious about their spending
  • Glazing is resistant to the weather, which is ideal in a country where it can be temperamental, switching quickly between sunny, windy and rainy
  • When sealed properly, glass transmits very little sound, which means it’s good for insulting properties to stop sound flowing in or out
  • Lastly, as glass is smooth and glossy, it is easier to clean. This is not only great news for keeping a property presentable but can also be far more hygienic than other solutions

Thanks to these benefits, more people are choosing glazing solutions for their properties, which is increasing its use in the construction industry.