The Benefits of Glass Partitions 


At Lynco, we specialise in serving the construction industry both building envelopes and internal fit-out projects. With internal fit-outs we work closely with our clients to design projects that suit their ideas, needs and specifications.

We like to take a ‘hands on approach’ with all of our projects, only collaborating with expert consultants and with rigorous quality control.  By doing so, we can promise the delivery of quality fit-out services like our specialist internal partitions.

Glass Partitions

One of the specialist systems we design at Lynco is glass partition. A partition is an interior wall or barrier used to divide a room or particular area of a building. They’re most commonly found in homes and offices.

Glass partitions are the optimal choice for contemporary offices adding a sense of style and elegance to any space.  Glass walls can also offer a modern transition from one room to another with an emphasis on transparency and open-plan design. Not to mention they’re perfect for utilising natural light.

At Lynco, all of our partitioning systems are high quality and constructed from toughened glass. And from design and supply, to installation we work only with leading industry specialist such as British Gypsum, Siniat and Knauf.

What are the Benefits of Glass Partition?

Better Functionality

The number one benefit of glass partition is their ability to transform and change the layout of a space. It means that any open space can be sectioned off to create separate work areas and meeting spaces. Something you can achieve with a relatively small amount of construction work.

Just like open-plan offices, glass partitions can even work to increase productivity within the workplace. The visibility of glass walls means that everyone can still have their own space – whilst creating a roomy and less imposing environment.

Cost Cutting

Glazed partitioning is constructed from materials that are readily available and cost effective. It is also pretty easy to install which means you save on time and building costs.  And if that wasn’t enough, glass partitions can help you cut energy costs too by adding extra insulation.

Contemporary Design

As well as providing a practical solution, glass partitions are modern and even stylish in design.  At Lynco we’re known for our unique and original design ideas, and we have a whole host of options for you to choose from.

Let us help you choose a system that reflects your business and one which will leave a lasting impression on clients.

Sound Insulation

One drawback of large open spaces offices can often be the noise. With a large number of people sharing the same space, volume can become both a problem and distraction. Partitioning systems can solve this problem allowing the choice for enclosed quiet spaces with an open-plan feel.

Natural Light

Another advantage of glass partitions is the use of natural light. Partitions constructed from other materials often block this out and can create an uninviting space. Glass walls allow for the flow of natural light throughout buildings.

Once again adding to work productivity and creating happier employees! Installing glazed partitions can even help employers cut down on their use of artificial lighting. Which in turn can save them even more money on electric bills.