The Advantages of Cladding 


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Cladding is the process of adding a certain material or ‘skin’ to a building.  It involves coating one building material with another for a range of practical functions and to add to the overall aesthetic. There’s no specific material used by cladding contractors and the term usually covers timber, composite materials, ceramic and aluminium. 

Cladding material might not always be visible to the naked eye but the majority of properties will have it. The process has been used in the construction period for decades, serving as a control feature of protecting the building from the elements. Cladding panels have a variety of advantages and should always be considered, we’ll go into more detail below. 

The Advantages of Cladding 

It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

Although cladding is extremely functional, it’s also aesthetically pleasing. One of the biggest advantages of cladding material is that you can choose from a wide variety of looks. Cladding options can dramatically change the overall appearance of a building and can significantly up its value.  

Cladding contractors Lynco can offer you a wide variety of designs, styles and materials depending on your own personal preference.  Whether you’re after a modern appeal or rustic brick or stone we can get the job done – to your highest satisfaction. 

Cladding is Low Maintenance 

Perhaps the most prominent advantage of cladding panels is that they are incredibly low maintenance.  When compared to painting it needs very little cleaning or repairs, after insulation wall cladding will require a regular wash and nothing more. In addition, most metal cladding will be long lasting and very durable, adding an extra layer of protection to your build.  

Although options like stone or brick may be a little more expensive, they should be seen as a long term investment. At Lynco cladding Northern Ireland, we can promise that our materials are of the highest standard and will likely last for decades without any maintenance. 

Better Insulation

Cladding has a range of insulation properties – not only does it add an extra layer of heat insulation but it also helps in preventing excess absorption. A better insulated property will be more energy efficient and help you reduce your carbon footprint. As well as cutting the cost of your energy bills. 

Insulated cladding can also work to reduce noise pollution, preventing external sounds for entering your building or annoying its occupants. 

Enhanced Weather Protection

The final advantage of wall cladding is the enhanced weather protection it provides. Cladding materials are often able to withstand harsh elements. This is the case whether you’re situated in an area constantly getting sun, wind or rain. 

Materials such as structural glazing are known for being able to retain both its integrity and appearance longer than other materials. In addition, they don’t rust making it a better choice than iron. Most modern architectural glass types are abrasion resistant which means that they will not ‘wear out’ or lose its shape or shine. 

Cladding Northern Ireland 

The Lynco team are experts in cladding Northern Ireland and have experience in the design, supply and installation of many diverse cladding systems. We work with you using your technical performance requirements and aesthetic brief to ensure satisfaction all-round.

Cladding contractors Lynco only work with the very best materials and we make sure all of our products are of the highest standard. These include but are not limited to GRC Cladding, Eurobond Cladding, Kingspan Wall Cladding, Standing Seam Zinc Cladding, Tegral Cladding, APL Wall Cladding, PPC Cladding and Terracotta Cladding.