Steel Framing Solutions


Steel framing solutions – what are the advantages?

Steel frame solutions – or SFS – construction offers the chance to firstly reduce costs from the offset. 

Cold rolled or cold formed steel is well suited to mid rise and low rise building structures. Frame solutions involving steel tend to be more sustainable when compared to alternatives such as wood, brick or concrete.

Let’s explore the steel framing solutions advantages in depth.

A steel framing system will usually last longer

Even light gauge steel framing systems tend to stand the test of time compared to alternative materials. Wood and brick will both swell when saturated with water, with wood liable to warp, crack, splinter and rot when wet. A steel frame needs no additional treatment such as paint, varnish or wax to remain water resistant.

The higher your building, the more you need to ensure the durability of your structural framing. Steel framing solutions don’t just offer water resistance – steel is also resistant to common destructive elements such as vermin and termite damage, corrosion, rot and mould.

Steel is stronger and safer

If you want to frame buildings, steel frame solutions are proven to have the highest tensile strength of structural framing materials available on the market. 

As well as being water resistant, steel frames are non-combustible, with extremely high melting points, much higher than the average building fire temperature. So high quality Sfs construction will help ensure your structure stays standing, even if the worst happens. 

Cold rolled steel makes your budget go further

Sfs construction offers a modular – or panelised – construction method, meaning many large steel sections can be constructed off site. This helps make the build faster and more efficient, reducing the overall cost of the build. 

Being non combustible, durable and strong means cold rolled steel framing systems have a longer lifespan. They also require less maintenance over their lifespan than other materials due to their resistance to pests, corrosion and the elements. All of these factors lead to a much lower overall cost of build. 

Lowers your environmental impact

As one of the most highly recycled construction materials, Sfs construction offers a sustainable building option. The steel industry has also been steadily and consistently reducing the energy consumption of steel production for more than 30 years.