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Steel Framing Systems

Steel framing systems (SFS) have become one of the most popular and widely used solutions in construction. SFS is a structural facade system which is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of building types. It speeds up construction and the use of steel means high quality that is cost effective.

SFS contractors Lynco have a proven track record within the construction industry,

specialising in steel framing systems and metsec SFS. From design to installation we have an extensive knowledge in a variety of available systems. Choose us and we promise to achieve your design needs without compromise.

What is SFS?

Steel framing is a time efficient dry build method which works by fixing a moisturise resistant cover to the external wall. The SFS infill sits between the primary structural frame providing insulation, exterior cladding and in-side boarding. Typically, the steel framing is supplied as cold-rolled galvanised sections which can be assembled using screwed connections. Components can also be constructed to individual lengths or they may be cut to suit on site.

SFS is becoming increasingly popular as a viable alternative to traditional block-work and brick-work.  The biggest benefit being that they eliminate long construction times and are fully cost effective. Another reason to opt for SFS infill is that it provides lateral support to cladding materials such as metal sheets, panels and insulated render systems. The steel framing is also extremely resistant to dampness and water meaning it won’t damage or degrade over time.

Metsec SFS is both suitable for low and high rise projects and is quickly becoming the chosen method by structural engineers in many commercial projects. At Lynco, our SFS contractors are fully trained to offer design of SFS/Metsec in accordance with all of your requirements.

‘SFS Contractors Lynco’

When it comes to SFS and Metsec, we offer a system that is suited to your personal needs and vision. And as part of our one stop solution in architectural enveloping we have a large variety of systems available to meet your project requirements.

At Lynco we can ensure that the versatility of our steel framing systems allow your creative design brief to be achieved with no compromise of structural, thermal, acoustic, or airtight performance.

Our expert in-house design team will work alongside you from the get go making sure we meet your performance specifications and design vision. Working with only the best manufacturers, we can offer you SFS systems from renowned companies such as Kingspan, Knauf, Vapour Barriers and Breather Membranes. And to take care of the ‘final touches’ we also provide a large arrange of finishing products like rain screen panels, cembrit, trespa and cement particle boards.

As SFS contractors we have experience in offering a wide range of steel framing systems to a variety of sectors and industries. Our manufacturing capacity allows for a fast turnaround time from getting materials on site to the beginning of installation. Making sure to meet our own deadlines and keep our customers happy.

All of our SFS products used are constructed from galvanised steel and are always lightweight, durable and high quality.

If you have an SFS project that needs completed in Ireland or the UK, why not make use of Lynco’s valued expertise.  We co-ordinate all aspects of design, procurement and installation – developing all interfaces between systems used to ensure a seamless end product.