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Experienced Glazing Contractors

When it comes to construction, glazing plays an integral part. In the past windows consisted simply as a single layer of glass, but today there’s a wide range of options.  As top glazing contractors, we provide a comprehensive range of glass and glazing products.

Designed in house, we can provide you with double and triple glazed units as well as secondary glazing. All of our glazing projects are developed by our expert team and can provide your building with better insulation and acoustics, as well as providing complete energy efficiency.

From design, supply and installation, we’re here for all of your glass glazing requirements.

Glazing Projects

Glazing contractors Lynco can provide a whole range of specialist glazing techniques. We ensure however that our glazing projects are always high quality and these include fire rated, acoustic, spandrel, structural and bolted glass from expert suppliers such as Okalux and Pilkington.

Our product range spans from windows and doors to roof lights, shop fronts and curtain walling systems. These ranges are always provided by leading industry specialists like Reynaers, Aluprof, Wicona, Metal Technology, AMS and Jansen. 

Offered glass glazing can be tinted in order to reject sunlight or coated to make it optimal for energy efficiency. Clear glass is the most popular and commonly used, but we can offer varied forms of frosted, stained and etched to suit all of your aesthetic needs.

At Lynco, it’s all about choice and whatever you need, we offer a complete solution. Our expert design team are always on hand to help you decide the very best approach for every application. With over 30 year’s industry experience we can provide you with the very best knowledge and services.

Our Services & Glazing Projects

Windows & Doors

As part of our comprehensive range of glazing we’re able to offer high quality windows and doors. Our glass windows are available in a range of glazing and design options which can offer superior acoustic and insulation.

Our glazed doors can be outlined with large glass fittings to achieve a modern finish, and a smooth transition to the outdoor environment.  Increased glass size can optimise your viewing as well as bringing plenty of natural light into the building. All of our windows and doors are available in a range of thermal performances and high quality weather sealing systems.

Roof Glazing

Roof Glazing is a great design feature and can really add to the unique finish of any property. We offer roof glazing and roof lights for a range of commercial and domestic buildings, we can also design glass room walkways and overhead glazing.

Lynco ensures that all of our roof glazing products meets the highest specifications with solutions to non-fragility, air and weather tightness as well as environmental control.

Large Glazed Shop Fronts

If you’re looking for a bespoke designed shop front, Lynco has many options. We design and install glazed shop fronts that can accurately reflect the style of your brand. And, one of the best ways to achieve this is with bifold doors. The unique exterior glazing system can not only help create the perfect entrance, but it can provide added security.

Curtain Walling

Curtain walling creates stunning architecture which is both practical and high level functioning. It’s created from single span aluminium framed walls that contain in-fills, usually constructed from glass glazing.

Glass curtain walling can offer enhanced exterior appeal and is really useful for maximising natural light flow. 

As expert glazing contractors, we can design curtain walling systems that span over multiple floors and are efficient in all elements of construction. Providing our customers with high quality thermal and structural performance, as well as cost effective heating, cooling and lighting.