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‘Expert Curtain Walling Contractors’

Since its emergence, curtain walling has evolved envelope solutions. Its stunning use of natural lighting has changed the future of design and enhanced both style and performance.

As curtain walling contractors we specialise in co-ordinating all aspects of design from procurement to installation. Not only do we work to achieve extraordinary aesthetics, but we also deliver on efficiency and long term sustainability. Choose Lynco to create a bespoke curtain walling system in accordance with all of your needs.

Our Curtain Walling Systems

Curtain walling creates stunning architecture which is both functional and aesthetically striking. It is typically created from the span of aluminium framed walls containing in-fills of glass, to enhance the exterior and maximise the use of natural light.

This design and manufacture means that the framing itself is attached to the building structure. Offering clients a non-structural external envelope solution that does not carry the brunt of the floor load or roofing. Other in-fills often include cladding panels, louvres / brise soleil and openable windows or vents.

As curtain walling contractors, Lynco glazing systems are designed to span multiple floors taking into consideration all elements of construction. Including, thermal and structural performance, water diversion and efficiency for cost effective heating, cooling and lighting.

The Advantages

Aesthetics & Design

One of the most obvious advantages of curtain walling is the look and appearance of the building’s exterior. Not only does it create a clean and modern finish, but this type of solution is extremely flexible – allowing you to create a bespoke design with a completely unique appearance.

Choose from a range of finishes from traditional glass to coloured panels, textured designs to metal and stone. And, it’s not just the panels that contribute to the design flexibility of curtain walling. The building envelopes can also be used to create a variety of shapes, curves and angles.


If you want to keep things lightweight, curtain walling is one of the top choices for this style of building envelope. This is because the structural components can be designed and manufactured from a whole host of materials. In order to keep the weight down and still provide clients with flexibility for design.


Enhancing and maximising the use of natural light has always been a crucial element in architectural design. Curtain walling systems are best known for their ability to bring natural light into the most difficult of spaces.

Not only does this improve the quality of interior appearance and lighting within the building for occupants, but it also proves cost effective. In addition to cutting down on electrical costs, curtain walling provides an aesthetically pleasing wall-to-wall external view, this in turn can increase the value of the building.

Structural & Thermal Performance

Although curtain walling systems in their appearance are slender, they actually offer high levels of structural stability. The glazing system is designed to span multiple floors meaning it’s constructed to tackle the elements of thermal expansion, contraction, water diversion and building movement.

When carried out well, the construction of curtain walling systems should ensure high levels of thermal performance. Not only does this reduce the running costs of a large architectural buildings but it can also contribute towards an improved BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) rating. Helping to improve sustainability and ensuring the buildings energy efficient requirements are being met.

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