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At Lynco we’re passionate about modern architecture and building envelopes. We design facade systems that can be used to enhance and make the most of your building design.  The exterior of any home or building is an important feature, after all it’s the first thing people see.

A facade needs be functional, durable and pleasing to the eye. Your design will determine the character of your build and at Lynco we work hard to get this right.  We’re top of the construction industry for Ireland facades and can offer an experienced group of specialists in design, planning and fit-out operations.

The Importance of Facades

In simple terms, a facade is the exterior or face of a building. It can contain a range of design elements such a curtain walling, cladding or glazing to make it stand out.  As we mentioned before, facades are crucial design element. 

They give you the chance to create something unique and innovative. Whilst at the same time adding to the architectural appeal of your surroundings.

As well as achieving aesthetics, a building’s facade plays an important role in efficiency.  Lynco’s fit out projects deliver solutions to environmental and structural issues to achieve long term sustainability.

We want to achieve the very best in thermal insulation, creating a high quality and safe environment where our clients can be comfortable.  As market leaders we design and engineer a wide range of facade systems, which offer the required energy performance to provide a pleasant experience for all.

Here’s What we can do…

Project Specific Roofing Systems

As part of our UK facade solutions, we provide the exclusive design, supply and installation of roofing systems to suit a wide range of fit out projects.

Our facade engineers have in depth knowledge of complex and unique roofing designs allowing us to provide the best possible advice to developers and architects. We partner with industry leading specialists in order to deliver an exceptional standard of roofing, taking into account technical performance, aesthetic appeal and your budget. 

Depending on your needs and requirements we can supply and install energy efficient built-up roofing systems, high performance Membrane roofing systems. Kingspan roofing products, APL standing seam roof and other leading products and suppliers.

Attractive Glazing Solutions

Proper building glazing is a crucial element to maximising and improving the energy efficiency of facade in the construction industry. As part of the Lynco design team our facade contractors propose and develop glazing requirements tailored to your performance specification and aesthetic appeal.

Following this; Lynco design, supply and install industry specialist glazing systems which include fire rated, acoustic, spandrel, structural and bolted glass from expert suppliers such as Okalux and Pilkington.

The Latest Framing systems

We offer SFS and Metsec framing which can be altered to suit your personal needs and vision, offering a large variety of systems available to your project requirements.

We ensure that the versatility of our SFS and Metsec systems allow the creative design brief to be achieved with no compromise of structural, thermal, acoustic, or airtight performance.

Diverse Cladding Solutions

Approved by the application of Fire Protection, our facade contractors design and fit out bespoke cladding systems to the construction industry. 

Our impressive in-house team have extensive knowledge of both the technical performance of cladding systems and design. Ensuring that all systems applied meet targets in accordance to the aesthetic brief and designated performance parameters.

Contact Us Today

At Lynco facade contractors, we work closely alongside our clients, architects and principle contractors to develop building concepts based on our client’s needs.

This, accompanied by our ‘hands on’ management approach, expert consultants and rigorous quality control measures, ensures the delivery of a building with the highest standards, within budget and in line with program.

To discuss your project or hear more about our innovative facade design, contact us today on 028 9447 7800.