Guide To Building Facades & Why They Are Important


Some people think the importance of a building facade is more relevant to old buildings or buildings with a lot of prestige, but today most designers and builders refer to the outside of a building’s shell as the facade. This adds to the building’s personality and gives it more life. It can make your building look nicer and make people inside more comfortable. A building’s face is important for many other reasons as well, as we have detailed in this article…

A building facade provides… personality and character:

A building’s face is a chance for it to show off its style and personality. Many buildings today meet all building code standards perfectly, but they lack design and a sense of who they are. The face of a building can be a big part of what makes it unique and special. It gives your building a chance to stand out and be remembered because of how it looks, instead of being just another boring building that no one notices.

A building facade provides…energy saving opportunities:

The face of a building is a very important part of how energy efficient it is. The wall can help keep heat in and keep the interior from getting too hot in the summer. It does a good job of controlling how much heat and light get in and out. This makes it more comfortable to work or live inside, which increases productivity and makes the surroundings more pleasant. In the long run, having a building that uses less energy will save money on energy bills.

A building facade provides…protection from the elements:

A building’s face does protect it from things like wind, rain, and very high or low temperatures. Specialist cladding and walls can stand up to heat, corrosion, and the effects of time. This is why a building’s facade is important, because it gives it charm and makes it last longer. It makes the people inside comfortable and keeps humidity out. Any water or rain that does get through is quickly dried out by the ventilation in the space behind the cladding system. All of the support parts are made of stainless steel or aluminum, so they won’t catch fire and won’t rust in most situations. At Lynco we can design, supply, and install a wide range of facade cladding products based on a client’s needs for technical performance and aesthetics.We are also approved for the application of Fire Protection. This accompanied by our in-house design team’s extensive knowledge on technical performance of cladding systems, ensures the system applied to a project is both in accordance with the design brief and within the technical performance parameters designated.

A building facade provides…noise reducing properties:

A building’s exterior will also keep noise from getting in. This could be very important for people who live or work in crowded places or city centres. When you work or live in a busy city area, noise pollution can be a big distraction. So, this makes the front of a building more important. The acoustic performance of the facade is controlled by using dense materials in the facade construction build-up. This is hard to do when using lightweight facade systems, so care must be taken when picking materials that will help absorb impact noises like rain, wind, and traffic noise to the surrounding areas.

As you can see a building’s facade can help the owners, the surroundings, and the people who work there in a lot of ways. A well designed facade can give the building personality and life while also saving money on utilities and increasing the life of the structure itself. This depends on the materials used so it’s important to choose materials based on what will make the building more useful. When a building’s facade is built well, it uses materials that are cost effective, environmentally friendluy and lend themselves to the construction process.

With over 30 years of experience servicing the construction industry we can design and value engineer a building facade to meet your design ideas and specification requirements. Our “hands-on” management style, partnerships with expert professionals, and strict quality control measures mean that we can provide quality Facade services like:

  • Project specific Roofing Systems
  • Aesthetically considered Glazing solutions
  • Supply and fit of the lates SFS/Metsec framing systems
  • Diverse Cladding solutions that bring life to building exteriors

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