A Guide To Glazed Facades


Although glazed facades may not be for everyone, they’re still a popular choice today. Perhaps the biggest benefit of glass walls is the elegant finish they can add to your property. It’s a unique and modern look, perfect for corporate buildings or stylish offices spaces.

Another benefit of glazed facades is the unobstructed views they provide to its occupants – since glass can be moulded and bent into any shape. This is an attractive benefit as it maximises the use of natural light as well as contributing to thermal insulation. Not only do glazed facades look great but they’re also high performing.

Glass Facade Services

When it comes to elements of design you can count on us for glazed systems of all types. We have over 30 years’ experience in supply and installation and can design your glass system in exact accordance to your needs. We’ve an excellent design team on board and we can deliver on a facade which is the right professional expression for your company.

We provide a whole range of specialist glazing techniques and ensure that our glazing systems are always high quality, these include: fire rated, acoustic, spandrel, structural and bolted glass from expert suppliers such as Okalux and Pilkington.

Our product range spans from windows and doors to roof lights, shop fronts and curtain walling systems. These ranges are always provided by leading industry specialists like Reynaers, Aluprof, Wicona, Metal Technology, AMS and Jansen.

Why Choose a Glazed Facade?

Aesthetic Appeal

As mentioned above the number one advantage of glass facades is perhaps their appearance. The building structure of glass walls allows for a lot of flexibility both to the client and architecture in terms on style and design elements. Glazing can be used in a wide range of properties and has the ability to look effortless and elegant, making any design virtually without reach.

A Wide Range of Choices

As well as offering flexibility in design, glazed facades offers a number of solutions in styles. Fixed glazing can be produced with a range of transparency and translucency, you even have the option a using a mixture of the two within your design. Traditional transparent glass can provide both occupants and passers by a clear view whilst translucent glass allows for light to pass through with still some clear visibility.

For glazed facades there’s also the option of coloured glass and when combined in laminated or insulated units they can change in colour and appearance.

Energy Efficiency

Glass is a high performing material and can prove highly energy efficient. The reason for this is down to the large amounts of natural light that can access your building. Not only is natural light aesthetically pleasing but it means you can also cut down on your energy consumption. The use of double and triple glazing in facade engineering has also helped to regulate both heat and cooling.
An added benefit of natural light is that it’s also proven to have a positive effect on workers, this matched with unobstructed views can create a relaxed environment with more motivated employees.

They’re Weather Resistant

The final reason you should be opting for a glass facade is their impressive weather resistant abilities. High performance glazing is known for its durability, for being able to retain both its integrity and appearance longer than other materials. What this means is that glazed facades can often withstand harsh wind and rain or prolonged sun exposure.
Modern architectural glass is also known to be abrasion resistant which means it won’t not ‘wear out’ or lose its shine over the years.