Glass Facade Advantages


What is a Facade?

A building’s facade is one of the most important elements in its architecture. Not only is this the case for the buildings functionality, but also its design. Facades are often an elegant component, creating personality and adding unique character to a building.

As well as aesthetics, they play a critical role in resolving environmental and structural issues. At Lynco we aim to deliver solutions that achieve efficiency, long term sustainability and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Modern Glass Facades

One of the most current and popular trends in facade engineering is glass facades.  The use of glass facade has seen major improvements in the last decade, making it the optimal choice for the construction of new buildings. Not only does this method achieve stunning visual appeal but it serves more functions that ever before.

A glass system is a modern, elegant choice, and one that can be uniquely designed to fit an array of architecture.  A glass facade used in the place of walls can provide unobstructed views and can be bent to fit many shapes.  It allows a large amount of natural light into your build and is of advantage to developers in many ways.

Read on for more glass facade advantages…

Glass Facade Advantages 

Weather and Rust Resistant

One of the biggest glass facade advantages is its ability to withstand harsh elements. This is the case whether your situated in an area constantly getting sun, wind or rain. Structural glazing is known for being able to retain both its integrity and appearance longer than other materials.

In addition, glass does not rust making it a better choice than iron. Most modern architectural glass types are abrasion resistant which means that they will not ‘wear out’ or lose its shape or shine.

It’s Energy Efficient

As we mentioned previous, glass facades allow large amounts of natural light in. Not only does this enhance aesthetics, but it can also save you a hefty sum on your electrical bill –as there will be less need for artificial lights. The use of double and triple glazing in facade engineering has also helped to regulate both heat and cooling.

Choosing structural glass as your material of choice can prove valuable in meeting strict energy requirement and provide cost saving benefits. 

Flexible Design

Glass design is unique in that it is flexible in transparency and translucency.  Traditional translucent glass allows light to pass through and makes the objects behind the glass clearly visible. When it comes to the design functionality of your glass facade, you can decide your choice of view and how visible you want to be to the world.

Glass curtains are also available in a wide range of colours and when combined in laminated or insulated units they can change in colour and appearance.  Which takes us onto the next advantage of glass facades; style.

Style Benefits

In addition to the many functional benefits of glass facade, the number one advantage is its appearance. Glass facade offers a range of flexibility to both the client and architecture with style and design. It can be used to make a modern statement in homes or even small commercial builds. Glass has the ability to look effortless and elegant, making any design virtually without reach.

At Lynco we have a range of expertise in dealing with glass systems and facades. If you’re looking to make your home or business stand-out, we can help you achieve this with stunning glass architecture.

Lynco Glass Facade Services

First impressions count and your building’s facade should be a professional expression of your company. It will become your brand and we understand how important it is to get this right.

At Lynco, we like to push the limits of creativity. We have over 30 years experience in the supply and installation, and can design your glass system in accordance with your every need.

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