Facades & Interfaces


Facade contractors are experts in all styles of facade and interface installation. As a facade company, we have installed many facades throughout Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. 

Building Facade

A building facade serves many functions. Essentially, a facade is the building envelope, comprising its outer facing layer. Facade systems provide lateral and vertical wind resistance, as well as protection from all types of weather. 

A facade company will help clients choose the right mix of facade materials to allow the thermal regulation of a building, provide sound resistant and acoustic properties, and help contain and prevent the spread of fire.

Curtain Walling

A popular choice for multi storey facades in Northern Ireland is curtain walling. This allows a metal frame to be attached to the primary steel structure. Lightweight yet sturdy, aluminium is often used in curtain wall facades, and glass or glazed cladding can help a building to look modern yet blend in well to the environment. 

Facade companies can offer many different finishes and materials. Design will always be guided by the visual brief for the project, as well as the budget, allowing facade contractors to source the best value and quality for each client. 

Facade System

An interface provides the connection between a facade system and the structural support to which it is attached. An experienced facade company will be able to design and source everything needed for a full facade system, including the right choice of material and construction for the interface. 

A common form of interface installed by a facade contractor is one providing attachment between curtain walling systems and the flooring or the outer structure of the building. They can also provide support to brickwork systems, connecting them securely to steel angles and brackets.