Curtain Walling Contractors 


Curtain Walling: Explained

Curtain walling creates stunning architecture which is both functional and aesthetically striking – often created from glass, it makes the most of natural light and can enhance both the style and performance of a building. Unlike traditional building materials, curtain walls constructed from glazing are lightweight and thin. They can be used to create designs that are both practical and functional. 

In addition to glass, curtain walls are built with an aluminium structure, not only is this lightweight but it’s durable outer layer is suitable for use on any building. Its structure can accommodate large single spans which can reach multiple floors. Often flooding buildings with natural light, all whilst helping to cut down on construction costs. 

Our Curtain Walling Systems

At Lynco we’re highly experienced in creating bespoke curtain walling systems, in accordance with our clients’ needs. Our curtain walling contractors specialise in co-ordinating all aspects of design from procurement to installation. Not only do we work to achieve extraordinary aesthetics, but we also deliver on efficiency and long term sustainability. 

The design and manufacturing of curtain walls means that the framing itself is attached to the building structure. As curtain walling contractors NI – it means we can offer clients a non-structural external envelope solution that does not carry the brunt of the floor load or roofing. 

We have a wide range of glazing systems, all designed to span multiple floors taking into consideration all elements of construction. Including, thermal and structural performance, water diversion and efficiency for cost effective heating, cooling and lighting.

The Benefits of Curtain Walling

High Performance

Aluminium curtain walling may be lightweight and thin in appearance, but it does offer high levels of structural stability. Its structural glazing is designed to span multiple floors which means it is designed to counteract thermal expansion, water diversion, contraction and building movement. 

At Lynco we’re top curtain walling contractors and our installation team can ensure high levels of thermal performance.  Another benefit of having a thermally efficient building is the reduced cost of both heating and electric bills. It can also contribute towards an improved BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) rating. 

Super Lightweight

Curtain walling is one of the top choices for building envelopes and the reason for this is down to its lightweight material. Its structural components can be designed and manufactured from a wide range of materials. – A choice which allows contractors to keep the weight down whilst still providing clients with flexibility for design aspects.

Modern Appearance

It goes without saying that curtain walling creates unique and aesthetically pleasing designs. Not only does it allow for a clean and modern finish, but this type of solution is extremely flexible. At Lynco our curtain walling contractors, are able to help you create a one of a kind design with a completely unique exterior. 

Our clients can choose from a range of finishes from traditional glass to coloured panels, textured designs to metal and stone. And, it’s not just the panels that contribute to the design flexibility of curtain walling. The building envelopes can also be used to create a variety of shapes, curves and angles.

Stunning Natural Light

Making the most of the natural elements is always an important factor in architectural design. Curtain walling systems are best known for their stunning use of natural light and ability to bring sunlight into the most difficult of spaces.

Not only does this improve the quality of interior appearance and lighting within the building for occupants, but it also proves cost effective. In addition to cutting down on electrical costs, curtain walling provides an aesthetically pleasing wall-to-wall external view; this in turn can increase the value of the building.