Building Facade Benefits 


‘Tailored to You’

At Lynco we like to think that first impressions count, and your building facade is the first thing people will see. So not only should your facade look good, but it should be tailored to reflect your brand. At Lynco we understand how important it is to get this right.

We’re one of the top facade contractors in Northern Ireland and the UK, offering facade services and architectural solutions. We offer a range of specialist services including roofing, glazing SFS, wall cladding and louvres.  And with over 30 years experience in the industry, we know what it takes to deliver an outstanding facade system.

Exterior facades are often a popular method to give an old building a modern look or to make a new build stand out.  Most of all they are unique and will enhance your building’s aesthetic. Did you know however that facades also offer a number of practical benefits?

Building Facade Benefits

Protection in Harsh weather

If you’re living in Northern Ireland or the UK then you’ll know that we often receive the brunt of harsh elements. Strong winds and severe storm weather can often do damage to a building’s skin.  A facade will work as a protective shield against the elements and any damage that can result from high winds and extreme temperatures.

A good facade should provide you with protection from temperature, harsh weathering, and even corrosion, for decades to come.

They’re Energy Efficient

A well structured facade will make the most of natural lighting and ventilation where needed. This can regulate heating and will lead to a more energy efficient building, not to mention reducing the cost of your bills. Overall a well ventilated facade can help you to create a more comfortable interior, by reducing overheating and providing sufficient air conditioning.

More Fresh Air

Facade systems can control how much fresh air is entering each building zone from outside. Various components such as the roof, walls, doors and windows play an important role in this air flow.  In addition, materials such as perforated metal or expanded metal can provide extra ventilation if needed.

When properly utilised in building facades adequate fresh air can also significantly reduce dust and other unwanted particles.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Another benefit of building facades is the reduction in noise pollution they can provide.

External noises such a construction, traffic, rail or aircraft can easily be kept out with sound proofing boards. Perfect for offices and workspaces, this noise control can make your building more enjoyable and relaxing.

Making the Most of Natural Light

There are a whole host of options when it comes to facade materials and this means that you can make the most of the natural light. Not only will this lead to increased energy saving but it can also save costs on artificial lighting.

Facade Engineering

Facade engineering is at the heart of our envelope solutions design and not only do we work to achieve extraordinary aesthetics – Lynco’s fit out projects also deliver solutions to environmental and structural issues to achieve efficiency and long term sustainability.

Our facade contractors work to push the limits of creativity and with a life time of experience in supply and installation – we can design and value engineer the building’s envelope and internal fit-out in accordance with your needs.

We offer a one stop solution in quality facade services such as:

  • Project specific Roofing Systems
  • Aesthetically considered Glazing solutions
  • Supply and fit of the latest SFS/Metsec framing systems
  • Diverse Cladding solutions that bring life to building exteriors