8 Reasons To Install A Suspended Ceiling


Suspended ceilings are popular around the globe and are most commonly used in offices, hospitals, schools and shops. That being said, these ceilings can be installed in any property you want.

So, if you’re refurbishing, redecorating or even building an entirely new structure, you may be wondering if a suspended ceiling is the right choice for you.

If so, this guide is for you. Below, we’re going to take a look at eight reasons why you should install a suspended ceiling in your building.

1. It’s an easy-to-install, budget-friendly solution

If you’re on a tight budget, suspended ceilings can be the ideal solution. Not only can you buy the tiles at an affordable price, but they are also easy to install. This means that it takes the professional installer less time to complete, again, saving you money on labour.

As if that wasn’t enough, they require little to no maintenance, so won’t cost you money further down the line.

2. You can soundproof your room

If you choose the right tiles, you can add a sound barrier that helps to make the room more soundproof. These need to be sound-absorbing tiles and they should be installed by a professional to make sure you get the best acoustic benefits.

This can be a great idea for noisy office spaces, music or sound studios, large supermarkets and more.

3. It insulates the room

As well as making the room more soundproof, these seasons can also be used to insulate an interior space. As the tiles are lower than the actual roof, less heat is lost through the ceiling. This means less heat is required to warm the room up in the first place.

This is another way that a suspended ceiling can save you money as you’ll be paying less for your heating bills.

4. You can hide wires or messy pipe works

If you’ve got any messy pipework or imperfections on the actual ceiling, you can use suspended ceiling tiles to cover these. For example, ducts, pipes, wires, and even air conditioning units can be hidden with a suspended ceiling.

This results in a neat finish without having to arrange expensive refurbishments or spend too much money covering them up with conventional materials.

5. To protect your building

Although these ceilings are not completely fire-resistant, they do have fire ratings of varying levels. In fact, some can hold out for as long as 30 minutes.

This means that in the unfortunate event of a fire, you could protect the building’s structure for longer. This can reduce the amount of damage done and the amount of work required to fix it.

6. The style is very versatile

There are over 220 different types of panels and tiles you can use on your ceiling, in a range of colours and materials. Therefore, this is a very versatile addition to your property and it can be a real help when setting out your interior design.

You can choose everything from the finish and colour to the size of the tile, the edges and even the perforations. This means you’re sure to find the style that perfectly matches your vision.

7. It’s easy to repair

Imagine it, there’s a leak, something leaves a mark or over time, you just begin to see general wear and tear. On a normal ceiling, that can mean a lot of work; perhaps re-plastering, repainting or even refurbishing the whole roof.

With a suspended ceiling that is not the case. You can easily detach, repair or replace tiles. This means you only have to focus on the area that has been compromised.

8. It offers better lighting

The final reason on our list is that you can boost the quality of light in your property with a suspended ceiling. This is so important as light affects the overall appearance and function of a room, and let’s face it, no one wants to be sitting in a dark or dingy space.

Luckily, these ceiling tiles, or at least most of them, have a light reflectance score. You should be able to find this on the packaging or from the supplier, but the higher the score, the more light you can put back into the room.