7 Uses Of A Suspended Ceiling


From hiding pipes to better insulation, there are a number of reasons you might choose a suspended ceiling. And though these tend to be more popular in commercial buildings, they can also be used domestically, particularly in kitchens.

So if you’re considering a suspended ceiling for your property, whether that’s your home, office, store or anywhere else for that matter, there are several key benefits you should be aware of.

Below, we’re going to take a look at seven uses of a suspended ceiling so you can decide if this is the right solution for you.

  1. Hiding imperfections and unsightly structures

First and foremost, using a suspended ceiling can be one of the quickest and most efficient ways to hide imperfections. For example, it can be used to disguise unsightly pipework, ducts, electrical cables, stains or damaged paintwork.

This can be preferable over more expensive ceiling solutions or costly repairs.

What’s more, suspended ceiling tiles come in a range of designs, materials and colours. So you can achieve the style and look you’re after, without having to compromise.

  1. Easier access to structural components

Not only can suspended ceilings be used to hide pipes, wiring and other components but they also offer better access to these structural components.

This can make it much easier to replace and repair any damaged lighting or structures as the tiles can simply be lifted and put to one side, before being dropped back down into place when the work is complete. This can also be a great way to save time and costs when you do need repairs of this nature.

  1. Improved soundproofing

If you’ve got multiple floors in your building or your property is in a noisier area, suspended ceilings can actually be a great way to achieve better soundproofing. Certain types of tiles can reduce the sound coming from above so act as an effective sound barrier between floors.

These can also help to considerably reduce noise pollution from outside factors as well. If soundproofing is an important factor for your property, you just need to make sure you speak to the experts. They’ll be able to advise you on the most effective and appropriate tiles for your ceiling.

  1. Better insulation

Just as suspended ceilings can help reduce noise, they can also help to trap warmer air within a room and reduce how much is lost into the ceiling. This makes it a better insulator than other ceiling alternatives.

This can be beneficial if you’re trying to heat a larger space, perhaps an office or shop, in the colder months. Not to mention this can be more energy-efficient and help you to save money on your heating bill.

  1. Improved health and hygiene

If you’ve got a humid environment such as a bathroom or kitchen, suspended ceilings can be used as a way to reduce moisture and mould. The tiles can be made or treated with specially-formulated treatments that make them able to resist moisture. This can help to make the room more hygienic and healthy by fighting the development and appearance of mould and bacteria.

  1. Enhanced fire safety precautions

A suspended ceiling can be designed to give a period of fire resistance and to stop the fire from spreading room to room. This can be particularly important in places like corridors used for fire escapes.

That being said, you need to confirm this period of resistance and ensure the manufacturer has rigorously tested the tiles for structural integrity. You will then get a fire test certificate. The manufacturer will also tell you how long the period of resistance is (this is usually between 30 to 60 minutes).

This can be important when working on your fire drill and getting fire safety strategies in place and is particularly useful in places with lots of people such as offices, schools or shops.

  1. Cutting time and costs

Last but not least, suspended ceilings can be used as a cost and time-saving way to improve the look of your ceiling. These are quick to install so they cause minimal delays and disruption. Plus they can be much more cost-effective than other ceilings solutions.

And the good news is, you don’t have to compromise on the look either! Just because these are quicker and cheaper to fit, the range of tiles and panels means you can still choose the colour and style that’s right for your property.